Welcome! My name is Marisol Encarnacion and I make small carry leather goods. Here is a little of my story… I’ve always dreamt of having a profession and a life that would be busy, busy, busy. A schedule where I traveled, attend important meetings, make life changing decisions, responding to a million emails and phone calls… it sounded powerful and important . That is where my obsession for planners, notebooks,organizers and all stationary began.I truly could not see myself doing any of that, my true passion lies in handmade goods.

About two years ago, I came across the leather textile and instantly fell in love. I first noticed the beauty in the blemishes and although it was durable, it was also easy to manipulate. After much research, I taught myself to taking something naturally beautiful, imperfectly perfect and turn it into something functional for people like the one I thought I wanted to be, the person I really am and everyone in between…from travelers notebooks, bullet journal covers, jewelry, wall art…anything that leather inspires me to create.

For every raw piece of leather I hand stitch for someone in my own home, I realize we are all exactly where we are suppose to be. Leather Inspires me, what Inspires you? Whatever it is…embrace it.

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